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Welcome to Action Detective

   With growing employment opportunities in India, need for pre-employment verification is felt badly as every company wants to ensure that they get the right employee.
   Often many companies come across erroneous information on resumes while hiring prospective candidates for various positions. People give fake information to get the job for which either they are not eligible or capable.
   Before you put them on the payroll you'd like to know their true identities as nobody wants to run the risk of hiring a person who was a failure in his previous job, who has committed a crime, threatened corporate security or may not even have the necessary qualification for the job. Hiring such people can create problems for your company.
How to get relevant information about each job aspirant before making a job offer?
   Take help of the best, we offer Background Check Services; through pre-employment investigation or employee background check companies can quickly verify identities and verify whether the information provided by the candidate is correct or not, enabling them to make hiring decisions in a timely, systematic and perfect manner.
   If verification of employee's and their background check is not initiated, the company may be blamed for any illegal actions done by the individual after he or she is employed with the company. Hence, whether you are a small, local business owner or a global Fortune 500 company you need to protect yourself from negligent hiring liability by carrying out verification of employee's and their background check before hiring people.
   We are the pioneers of the field having experience of over Nineteen years, we have our distinct way. We carry out investigation in a number of ways, by taking into consideration a number of factors relating to the background of the potential employee; these include the employee's academic history, credit history, employment history, criminal records and other qualifications. Our private detective agency Delhi provide these Services throughout Delhi.
  It also ensures that the company has hired a person with the necessary skills, qualifications and experience. Verification of employee's and their background check offers increased safety to companies, which in the long run helps in creating a better and healthy working environment.
   Hence it is a low-cost way of significantly reducing employee dishonesty and notably increasing productivity.
   So, if you need any information of your employees do try our Services as we are the best and affordable service providers in verification of employee's and their background check.
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