Corporate Investigation

Verification of movable and immovable assets is very essential in cases related to embezzlement, claims of banking and non-banking finance companies since their entire financing operation is based on correct verification of assets, which are subject matter to mortgage. We trace out the concealed assets of defaulting borrowers, judgment debtors and dishonest employees to effectuate recoveries or execute decrees.
We divide a person’s assets in 4 general categories :
  • Property Records :- This includes the name of the owner of that residence or land along with the actual cost of the property.
  • Bank Account :- It includes where the person has saving accounts, current accounts recurring deposits, fixed deposits etc. along with the account strength.
  • Company Records :-It may include all public limited and private companies listed in India details of their business partners , capital invested , business location.
  • Vehicle Ownership :-This May include the name, address and license number of the owner of a four-wheeler or a two-wheeler along with and manufacturing year of the vehicle.

Pilferage and thefts are epidemic in industries, godowns and business houses through innovative practices. To plant men of confidence in strategic positions of a targeted establishment to keep an observant eye on the developments between work force and other activities in the unit to find out any mucky happenings for weekly reporting to the management can interrupt this muck. For each assignment best-suited field operative and experienced case manager are drafted. The under cover agent is your eyes and ears in the establishment keeping you fully posted with all the happenings enabling you to take timely corrective actions.

The Services has a wide range, from Employment Screening, Undercover Operations, Union and Staff Activities Watch, Secret Audio-Visual Recording, Frauds, Forgery, Investigations of Theft, Information about Movable and Immovable Properties, Collect movements of Marketing Staff, leak Confidential Information of Trademark & Copyrights etc. are the some important investigative aspects which when neglected may cause a huge harm to the entrepreneur.
This also includes the professional capabilities of a key functions of your competitor like market position, reputation, suppliers of raw material, potential clients, marketing strategy, background check of potential associates, joint ventures etc. along with his comprehensive profile.
Lots of counterfeit products undetected due to similar looks to the authentic once and damage the reputation and sales of the original manufacturer. We investigate the suspected activities of counterfeiter and their agents to identify the spurious product-manufacturing unit, distributors and wholesalers and obtain evidence for legal measures. We have a panel of excellent councilors who are experienced in the same field for legal proceedings.
For tracing out and locate the counterfeiter and their associates our special team conduct the market survey to seek out the origin of an identified infringement by ascertaining the product route from source of supply back to the manufacturer and further conduct the raids under Trade Mark and Copyright Act with the help of police & crime branch.

We are providing the absolute best Services anywhere. To accomplish that, employees of this company are committed to performing every assignment accurately, completely and on time.