Personal Investigation

There are numerous cases where the spouse has physical and mental relationships with other, but due to many reason they get married elsewhere and sometimes continues even after marriage. This when detected by the spouse and during the subsequent life span one feels cheated and thus spends a miserable life thereafter.
We have taken a step forward to understand the importance of the correct information regarding would be spouse, before taking forward the most important decision of life-Marriage. The information covers following aspects:

1. Job Profile, Salary and
2. Reputation in the work place.
3. Character, Previous Marriage (if any) and Daily Routine.
4. Temperamental Details.
5. Family Background.Financial Status.
6. Alcoholic, Smoker, Drug Abuse and other general habits.

Many marital alliances develop problems due to suspected activities or adultery by the spouse and it becomes impossible to live together and the separation and the court cases for divorce and related problems may occur.
Thus you need our assistance for extra marital affair, daily routine and employment details for alimony decisions and material evidence of your spouse, which will stand good in the court of law.
It also covers the matter related to child possession, share in property, curiosity to know the future plans and activities of the spouse etc.
Our Professional Investigators can determine if your spouse is having an affair or just give you the peace of mind caused by misperceptions. Our investigations are strictly confidential, and discreet. Your privacy is of are utmost concern. Our experienced investigators are highly experienced and professional. Don’t hesitate to protect your family, assets and health. Our spouse fidelity investigations can help you in divorce cases with detailed reports and professional video tape evidence that stands up in court.
We also conduct pre martial verifications to answer any questions you may have before marriage. This service is highly recommended to couples who have met their future spouse on any internet dating service.

Undiscovered lies have a greater capacity of breaking us than the discovered ones. Extramarital affairs seem a widespread phenomenon these days. The worst of extramarital affairs is suffered by the innocent who may not have involved in any of such activities himself. The reasons for cheating can be innumerable; still, every reason may lead to the same conclusions; devastating and the victim may take a long time in recovering from the same. A relationship outside marriage always has unfortunate, shattering, disastrous consequences.

There are a lot of people in the world who are cheating on their partners; girls, boyfriend, or spouses. Many people try to find on their partner’s loyalty with them but it is a gruelling task if done by an individual alone who may lack professional expertise as well. For this, you need an expert to look into the matter. For a proper and relevant investigation, you need to find a reliable and prominent private detective agency.

There is an ever-increasing need for background checks all kinds of strangers near us. They can be a -present-day friend, new business partner, a business proposal, new servant or maids, all engaging new neighbours, new employees, pre-matrimonial investigation, post matrimonial investigation of the spouse to check their involvement with different people, and etc. If there is any doubt about your partner such as to check their loyalty on you, extramarital affair, post matrimonial verification, infidelity investigation, adultery investigation services, and so on. One can verify the validity of their doubts about their relationships by simply conducting a personal background verification which may help you clear the cloud of suspicion.