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Best #1 Trusted Certified Private Detective Agency

Best Registered Trusted Certified Private Detective Agency

Whether you are an individual, law firm, business, or corporate company, We have the track record and proven experience to provide the investigation services specific to your needs. We are the best Private Detective Agency who have successfully provided investigation services to clients in a wide spectrum of concern areas including background verification, family court, insurance claims, employment liability, missing persons, frauds and other investigation services specific to individual needs. We are the first Certified Private Detective Agency in Delhi.

What makes us the best ?

We are the leading private detective agency in India

99% Happy Clients

20+ years of experience

100% Secrecy

Affordable Prices

Key Points

What makes us the best ?

We are the leading private detective agency in India

Over 12 years of investigative experience
24x7 customer support
Affordable prices

Confidentiality guaranteed

Certifications & Awards

Cases Handled

Most Trusted

What our clients say ?

Impulsive Info
Everyone should hire them for their cases, in my opinion. Best Detective agency
Genuine detective agency. To the point talk only. No cheating.
Ajai Kumar
One of the best investigating agency. Their response is quick and services are within budget.
vishal singh
chandan singh
Best Detective service in this city. "They did a great job for me and gave me the desired proof
If you need the genuine and trustworthy then choose this privat detective agency

Frequently Asked Questions

Doubts raised by clients

Do you take cases from all over India?

Certainly we accept cases from every corner of the country. In-fact major percentage of our business comes from cases that involve us to go to cities other than Delhi. We are part of Global one, a consortium of reputed Indian and International Detectives. We seek assistance from the local sleuths of Global one to handle cases outside Delhi, furthermore we send our own experts to handle cases in that city.

How much time does it take to handle a case?

After obtaining details of the investigative operation we will be able to give you a time-scale projection. Some operations take days, some weeks and some months. It all depends upon the proof required and complexity of the case, but our experience allows us to provide information with a realistic time frame.

How do I pay?

You can make payments through Cheque / Draft, Online Payment or Cash. International payments can be made through wire transfers.

How much does it cost?

Our charges are based on the type of operation that we have been asked to undertake. To establish the costing, we first request the details of the case to be transmitted to us and we will calculate a budget and time-scale. Once this has been agreed, we then require a retainer based on the budget to begin the operation.