Background Verification

What we provide ?

Pre-Post Employment Screening

Importance of knowing the prior history is become increasingly mandatory whom you are entering into business or employing along with the daily activity report of the current employee. This includes work habits, responsibilities and duties, eligibility for re-hire, performance rating, wages and over all work attitude.

Pre-Employment Verification

It is ideal for those who are about to embark on a new business deal or take on a new employee. To eliminate chances of hiring errors at the recruiting stage, these verifications are conducted before the recruitment of a short listed job-applicant. It helps to assemble the best team by picking up the right person for the right post. The antecedents of even temporary or part time workers should have to be also screened
Action Detective conforming your employment references prior to submitting them to a potential employer assures you for the accuracy of the employment referral and has been providing job seekers with professional, confidential and reasonably priced verifications of their employment references from former employers. We dose all verifications discreetly without jeopardizing the identity.

Post-Employment Screening

When the person is already inducted and there are lurking apprehensions about something’s being amiss. It saves the management from nagging worries and helps to concentrate on the priority functions. It involves making integrity checks of existing staff members to ensure against the propriety information loss, which is now not an uncommon practice indulge by aggressive competitors jockeying for positions of strength in the market.
Action Detective is providing the absolute best Services anywhere. To accomplish that, employees of this company are committed to performing every assignment accurately, completely and on time.