Frequently Asked Questions / Doubts raised by our clients

Certainly we accept cases from every corner of the country. In-fact major percentage of our business comes from cases that involve us to go to cities other than Delhi. We are part of Global one, a consortium of reputed Indian and International Detectives. We seek assistance from the local sleuths of Global one to handle cases outside Delhi, furthermore we send our own experts to handle cases in that city.

You can make payments through Cheque / Draft, Online Payment or Cash. International payments can be made through wire transfers.

After obtaining details of the investigative operation we will be able to give you a time-scale projection. Some operations take days, some weeks and some months. It all dependent upon the proof required and complexity of the case, but our experience allows us to provide information with a realistic time frame.

Our charges are based on the type of operation that we have been asked to undertake. To establish the costing, we first request the details of the case to be transmitted to us and we will calculate a budget and time-scale. Once this has been agreed, we then require a retainer based on the budget to begin the operation.

Confidentiality is paramount in our work. Once you have instructed us, we will only report to you or any one else you specify, such as your legal representative. We are under no obligation to inform any third parties of what we are doing and for whom. We never release information to law enforcement or other relevant agencies.

The type of profession we are in, does not allow us to expose our list of clients for reasons of confidentiality. However let us assure you that in the last so many years we have been in business and carried out investigations for fortunes 500 multinationals, Indian corporate houses and government organizations besides prominent individuals.

Our way of conducting the assigned case is 100% confidential as even our field investigators does not know that the operation they are going to handle, is for what purpose and who is our client. All the conversations and reports are being kept in such a confidential manner that only assigned chief of that particular case can unlock the protected area by certain codes, as and when required.

You may collect your report personally from our office or we can send it by regular mail, facsimile, or e-mail. Documents or proofs that are obtained as part of an investigation case can also be sent via the same methods. Stills photographs can be scanned and sent as e-mail or a regular mail if required and video footage can be sent in the usual format or CD.

Our agency consists of investigators who have come from a variety of backgrounds: intelligence, law enforcement, government, and information technology. All investigators are required to undergo a professional on-the-job training program conducted by the senior investigators, departmental heads of the organization. We have built up a reputation of being able to understand a clients needs and then provide a remarkable solutions keeping in mind their financial boundaries and time frame.

Mostly we required 50% amount in advance and balance after completion of the assignment. 

There are no requirements of any agreement between both of the parties. In fact nobody wants any agreements in personal investigation services.

Yes, it’s completely legal to hire a detective agency as we work under the vision of government and also we pay tax to the government which makes our organization definitely legal. So there is no need to fear the law as anyone can hire a detective agency for solving various matters. We provide our services by following all the rules and regulations and run our business by performing all the legal formalities. One can also check our official website for verification of certificate with a registered identity number.

Yes, we highly recommend rendering the right evidence for each investigation. We don’t contribute any report without solid proofs and evidence in our investigations. This is the favorable feature of ours as we only work to assemble appropriate proofs for each and every case. We use the latest technological processes to collect proofs and evidence for each case and we also have highly qualified team members which help to gather exact evidence for each case.

To submit the best quality of services and investigation from our side it’ll be very essential to connect to our customers as it helps to crack the cases more promptly. If we are not able to know about our clients appropriately then it’ll be a great drawback for us in furnishing our services to you. So it’s mandatory to reveal the identity of our customers so that we can proceed in an acceptable manner for our investigations.

Being a classified detective service provider we stick on the rigorous policy of our company which supports 100% confidentiality of our clients. We make confident and ensure that no information can be expelled within our custody. We maintain all privacy in each and every Investigation services to safeguard the rights of our customers.

You can collect your assignment reports by personally from our office/branch office or we can send it through Email, Courier. 

All the reports and results will be 100% authentic because we will also submit the evidences against our reports. It could be audio/video/any documentary proofs.

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